The Crabb Family Unveils Details of their New Album "20/20"

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The Crabb Family will be releasing their brand new album via Daywind Records20/20. The iconic family group will see their new album in stores and on online on February 28th. The new album is preceded by the single 'I See Revival," the family's first single in eight years.

The single and the album, 20 /20, produced by Jason Crabb and Scott Godsey, prove that there is nothing like the Crabb Family songs and sounds.  They are in a league of their own and have not lost a single step since retiring from full-time performing as a group. This new projects marks the return of The Crabb Family to their longtime label home, Daywind Records, with a refreshed and renewed vision to impact the future with great gospel music!

In early 2020, the Crabb Family will hit the road on a national tour to promote this new project.  The 2020 Vision Tour will journey through Louisiana, Texas, California, Arizon, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Daywind president, Ed Leonard, was effusive in his praise for the new music, "I have never seen Jason and the family work as hard as they did on this record. With their amazing career filled with achievements from Dove Awards to Grammy® recognition to international appearances, that says it all." 


1. I See Revival

2. Stones

3. Mountaintop for Me

4. Walk on Water

5. My King is Known by Love

6. The Altar Still Calls

7. Never Been

8. Keep Me

9. If God Is For Me

10. Sister Play that Tamborine

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