Master's Voice on their New Album, Heaven & Finding "Solace" in Jesus

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Master's Voice is finding comfort in God's promises on Solace, their brand new release from Sonlite RecordsSolace  recognizes there will be life after death, and therefore it isn't something to be feared. With powerful and moving moments, Master's Voice brings hope to the weary and finds peace in the gospel. As a collection, Solace is a statement of being at peace with God's plan for all life and a reminder of the glories Heaven promises after death.

Since 1995, Master's Voice has been committed to bringing an evangelistic approach to singing and preaching the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ till all know...or He returns. This team is also devoted to musical excellence, understanding that this "music with a message" requires the utmost professionalism, preparation, commitment, clarity, doctrinal soundness and passionate vocals. The group features founder, owner and tenor singer Ricky Capps; lead singer T.J. Evans; baritone singer David Folenius; bass singer Jerry Pilgrim; musician Theron Perry; and sound technician Chuck Howe.  

We are honored to catch up with Ricky Capps for this exclusive interview.

Q: Thank you, Ricky, for doing this interview with us. Happy new year!  Do you have any special resolutions for 2020?

It's almost always to lose weight, which lasts until about noon on Jan 1. 

But seriously, as a group, we are really challenging ourselves to not getting satisfied with where we are as a ministry.  We are trying to look inwardly to see how we can be more effective to loving people. 

Q:  Congratulations on the release of your new album "Solace."  What does the word "solace" mean to you? And why did you entitle the new album "Solace"?

It is defined as "comfort in the midst of sorrow". This really captures what each of us have had to encounter the last year for so.  It seems like God not only knew what our listeners needed to hear, but what we needed to hear. Each song either deals with how faithful God is even in the times of heartache and uncertainty, or reminds us that He is coming back soon to get us.  Sweet solace. 

Q:  When you were choosing songs for this record, what were the type of songs you were looking for? 

That is what is so interesting.  We don't ever pinpoint a particular theme.  We simply try to collect the best songs. It just so happens that this certain collection took on a theme that we know is divinely appointed. 

Q:  Quite a few of the songs deal with the theme of heaven.  It's not a subject we hear too often in modern worship songs.  Why is it important to sing about heaven? 

Is there anything more exciting to sing about or be reminded of than an eternity in a place where there is no cancer, no sorrow, no pain, no tragedies, no sin?   It is easy to be overwhelmed and bombarded with our temporary earthly circumstances, and it is an honor to brag on the place God is preparing for us where that won't enter in! 

Q:  A song that I raved about when reviewing the record was "Pray Through Me."  For our readers who may not have heard the song, can you tell us what the song is about?  What does the song mean to you?

Have you ever been in a place so dark, so hopeless, so painful that you didn't know how to pray?   Or maybe you failed Him again and you felt ashamed to pray once again? Sure. All of us have. Sometimes, we get the idea that God is this tight-fisted miser that is reluctant to love us when we fail.  On the contrary! Jesus lives forevermore to make intercession for us! Because He is not willing to have broken fellowship with us. He isn't willing to allow our pain and hurt to stand in the way of an abundant life.  So if you are there, and you don't know how to pray, the Holy Spirit will pray through you, if you are willing to trust. 

Q:  If you were to pick two songs out of the new record that you are absolutely crazy about now, which would they be?  And why?

Boy that's hard.  Kinda like picking your favorite child.  Ha! At the moment, I'd say "Thinking Outside of the Grave" and "This Same Jesus."   "Thinking Outside of the Grave" is a powerful reminder that we don't grieve like those with no hope.  We have a promise (by the God who cannot lie) that we will see our loved ones again. And it is sung by a broken-hearted daddy who just lost his little girl.  Powerful! 

"This Same Jesus" is just a great song.  Maybe the most powerful song we will ever record.  This Same Jesus that we sing about and preach about, the same one who Allowed the sun to rise again, the same one to die for us on the coming back!   Hallelujah! 

Q:  Can you describe a time in your life where you have experienced the "solace" Jesus brings regardless of the circumstance you were facing?

Too many for this interview. But when my only son died 18 months after my little girl died comes to mind. Nothing "happy" about losing a child.  Not too many smiles then. But even in the face of complete devastation, God's grace was so real. It was a grace that I didn't even know existed till the very time I needed it.  I know for a fact that there is "solace." ...comfort in the midst of sorrow.  

You can order Solace HERE


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