Listen to Vertical Worship's New Song "Not Done Yet"

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Vertical Worship has released their brand new single "Not Done Yet."  This is their lead single from their new album Grace is On Our Side, which will be available on March 13th. This is their seventh release with Essential Worship/Provident Label Group/Sony Music since 2012. 

Vertical Worship is a collection of worship leaders that include Andi Rozier, Lauren Smith, Tara Cruz, Jake France, Judd Harris and Jon Guerra, who play each week in one of the seven campuses with 13,000 people in attendance across Chicagoland's Harvest Bible Chapel. By serving the local church, the worship team has the opportunity to truly invest and witness what is going on in the church on a personal basis.

The songs Vertical Worship writes are drawn from a deep well of reflection, prayer, meditation and teaching. Over the years, Vertical Worship has introduced the popular worship songs "Spirit of the Living God," "Exalted Over All," "The Rock Won't Move," "Lamb of God," and "Found In You." Impacting the church and their listeners, their songs have accumulated more than 60 million streams. 

Tracklist of Grace is on Our Side:

1. Grace Is On Our Side
2. Weapon
3. Faithful Now
4. Over and Over
5. Pure Exaltation
6. Not Done Yet
7. Miracles
8. All Praise (Sing Praise)
9. Hidden Places
10. God of Abraham
11. New Jerusalem - Vertical Worship feat. Jon Guerra 

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