Hulvey Speaks About His Journey from Scrubbing Toilets to Making Music for God


Breakout artist/rapper Hulvey signs with Reach Records and together they are introducing fans to Prelude, a five-song EP featuring three never-been-released tracks, available now across all streaming platforms. Hulvey joins a long-line of chart-topping artists at Reach Records including Lecrae, Tedashii, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, GAWVI and others. 

Today, Hulvey surprises fans by releasing his sophmore EP BRKNHRT.  Produced by longtime friend and colleague Zach ParadisBRKNHRT wields unapologetic bars and raw honesty juxtaposed with pounding drums. Hulvey forms the sound you might hear in your mind's ear when you're alone with your thoughts.Tracks ranging from introspection to pulsing anthems of faith and trust in God are among the slew of songs coming from the newest Reach Records artist.

Q: Hulvey, thanks for doing this interview with us.  I was so moved to learn about your testimony about how God changed your life around while you were once scrubbing toilets.  For our readers who may not have heard about your testimony, can you share with us how God did change your priorities while you were cleaning toilets?

A: Thanks for having me!! When I moved to Atlanta I got a job at Publix as a bagger which meant I had to front service clerk, which meant I had to bag groceries, get carts, clean the floors, and scrub the toilets. During that time God taught me how to be content and serve where He had me. I had to surrender my plans and desires and let Him control the ship. 

Q: What are your priorities now as far as God and your career are concerned?

A: My priorities right now, spiritually is to focus in on discipleship and growth with God personally, more discipline in The Word. Career wise, I am prioritizing finishing my debut full length album. It's a long process but it's worth it. 

Q: How did you finally get to record for REACH Records?

A: Honestly, I got a call from the A&R Ace Harris and he told me that Reach [Records] had a deal for me. It came from a long 2 year building process that started with a DM to Ace on Twitter with my SoundCloud links. 

Q: How would you describe your own sound and music?

A: My sound goes all around the spectrum musically. I incorporate a lot of guitars and atmospheric production as well as a lot of fun, low pressure records that highlight my experiences from my days in Brunswick as well as highlighting my new journey in Atlanta. 

Q:  You mentioned that your first EP "Prelude" (released in January) is for the underdogs.  How does this record minister to the underdogs?

A: Prelude highlights the underdogs because I talk a lot about being the guy that nobody expects to be in this position. I'm just a kid from the Wick that heard God's voice and followed it. 

Q: Now you have BRKNHRT that has just released. Why do two projects a month apart from each other? Tell us the story of BRKNHRT.

A: I dropped back to back because I wanted to capitalize on the moment and give people 2 different spectrums of my sound. I was really eager for BRKNHRT. to come out ASAP because of how much it meant to me. BRKNHRT. is my journey of surrender. It is the story of hearing God's call and following. It highlights the fears of surrendering to God as well as the need that I have for God. The project was recorded in Zach Paradis' bedroom which was so dope. God gave me the vision for the project in 2018 and Zach took it on with me and executively produced it. Shoutout to Zach. Wouldn't be here without him. 

Q:  One of my favorite songs you have recorded is "Higher." Tell us about how this song came about.

A: I got the beat for "Higher" in 2018 from Ace Harris (co produced by Dj Tag) and I sent it to Zach Paradis to put a hook on it. When I moved to Atlanta in 2019 I finished the record with Zach. We sat on the record the whole year and finally dropped in December 2019. Thank God it came out!!!

Q:  With BRKNHRT you released a mini-documentary, why was this important to you and what was that experience like?

A: It so crucial that we did a doc so my story could be told in detail and people could see where I'm from. It was important to me to highlight Brunswick and some of the people that have impacted my life. It was so cool getting to go back and see my family and close friends and share the moment with them. Everything was so natural. Shoutout to Seth Kark for making it so smooth. 

Q: What is next for you? More music, tour?

A: MORE MUSIC. Album in the works. Some songs that I'm so excited for people to hear. Never have felt more creatively in tune and innovative than this season. And definitely expect a lot of different shows this year. Excited to perform heavy in the fall time.  

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