UK Worship Movement Bright City Drops New Single "Change"

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Brighton-based worship movement Bright City are back with an energetic single "Change."  The catchy and faith-filled song blends pop hooks and passionately expresses the lasting impact of the revolution Jesus brought to our world.

On the 10th anniversary of St. Petr's Brighton, the church community came together to celebrate and worship Jesus. Single Change was recorded live during the event and is quickly becoming the soundtrack to a move of God in Brighton and beyond.

Paul Nelson, worship pastor and leader within Bright City, shares: "We believe that evening was a prophetic moment laying the ground for the next season in our city. That night we lifted up a shout of praise in the heart of Brighton and we believe it opened up a way for a move of God in our city."

Birthed out of questions like, "what would it look like if the new testament miracles of Jesus were happening today in our city?" and "what would revival actually be like?," Change carries the desire for God to show up in our society at its core. The lyrics are built around some of the miracles that the Bible records Jesus doing,"They set up a heart cry in the song that we're daring to dream a change is coming today," Paul continues. 

Bright City are a family of artists who serve and lead the worship life of St Peter's Brighton, UK. With authentic and brave creativity, our vision is to see our church, our city and our world come alive through worshipping Jesus.







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