Jason Upton Releases New Album "God Finds Us"

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Singer and songwriter Jason Upton has released his new album God Finds Us.The new album is a twenty year recollection of sorts. The collection comprises of previously released songs recut along with all the new songs. Upton writes: "(These songs) reflect over 20 years of writing my days down as I have followed Jesus. This is my first of -hopefully - several in a series." 

1. God Finds Us
2. Run Baby Run (Jonah)
3. Trust Once More
4. The Road to Emmaus
5. Write Every Day Down
6. Traveler
7. A Hammer and an Awkward Nail
8. Grow
9. Forgiveness
10. Everything You Do 

Jason Upton is a singer/songwriter with the heart of a pastor. Whether Jason is leading people in worship through singing or speaking, Jason does his best to carry the heart of our heavenly Father. His songs and his messages reflect a life fully lived in relationship with God, family, and friends.

Jason and Key of David Ministries have several recordings available that document Jason and his band expressing the heart of God for His people through song, instrumental spontaneity, and spoken word.

Jason currently lives in Wisconsin with his wife Rachel and their children Samuel, Emma, Lucy, and Oliver.



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