Sarah Reeves Releases New Song "Heart First"

Sarah Reeves

Singer/songwriter Sarah Reeves is ready to take us on her latest journey, with the release of several new songs throughout the year, culminating in a new album coming Fall of 2020. Her song, "Heart First," which releases today, is part of this project.

Reeves talks about the song: "This title has been ringing in my heart for a while now. I'm the type of person that tends to overthink everything. I'm a perfectionist and I find it hard to get out of my own head sometimes. There are choices in life that we all have to make at some point whether it's a relationship, career, etc. There is the right answer on paper, then there's the answer that doesn't always make sense but it's where your heart is.

I hope this song inspires you and brings you a freedom to stop playing it safe, stop putting your walls up and resisting where you know you're suppose to be. Even if it seems illogical and downright crazy, what is something that has been burning in your heart that you've been afraid of doing?

That book you've been wanting to write, that business that you want to start, the job that you want to quit, that guy or girl you've been too scared to talk to because you're scared of rejection. Even if it fails, don't leave yourself wondering...what if? Jump in with me."

ABOUT Sarah Reeves:

Multi-faceted artist and songwriter Sarah Reeves signed her first record deal at age 18. After years of touring, Reeves took a hiatus to focus solely on songwriting, penning songs for artists across multiple genres. With a fresh sound stirring in her soul, Reeves began writing personal songs she, herself, wanted to record, which led to a new label deal with Curb | Word Entertainment. Reeves reintroduced herself, offering a fresh expression of real life experiences, marked by avant-garde production and a kaleidoscope of propulsive beats leading her into the creative force she's become. Her music has been featured across Netflix, ABC, NBC, FOX and others. Her new album is set to release in the fall of 2020.



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