Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson to Release New Book, ‘Jesus Politics: How to Win Back the Soul of America’ August 4

 Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson, patriarch of A&E's Duck Dynasty and one of the most recognized voices of conservative Christianity in America, believes that we live in an increasingly divided country, a nation in which identity politics, creeping socialist policies and the vast partisan divide threaten the very fabric of America.

After decades of political decay and of losing sight of our first principles, the American people are suffering. In Jesus Politics, Robertson reminds us that there is currently a Kingdom of Heaven on earth and it is led by a King.  His new book is a challenge for people to use their time, talents, resources, influence, and votes to protect and advance the policies of King Jesus and win back the soul of America.

Exploring the problems facing our country and how Jesus would respond to each, Robertson offers a manifesto, showing us how to help bring the kingdom of heaven, to our homes, neighborhoods, churches, communities and country. In Jesus Politics, Robertson declares that we can win back the soul of America, becoming a nation that proclaims, "In the King we trust."

Jesus Politics: How to Win Back the Soul of America (Thomas Nelson Publishing) by Phil Robertson will be available wherever books are sold starting Tuesday, August 4, 2020.

In Jesus Politics, Robertson unpacks nine ways Americans can advocate for the policies of Jesus in the voting booth, followed by three ways they can share Jesus in everyday life. It is a call to action for all Christians who want to see biblical values reinstated in America.

Part I: Jesus Politics in the Voting Booth

  1. A Kingdom Manifesto
  2. The Kingdom Foundation
  3. On the King's Capital
  4. On Gun Ownership in the Kingdom of Love
  5. On Biblical Environmentalism
  6. On Life According to the King
  7. For the American Family
  8. For Kingdom-Centered Healthcare
  9. Of Mercy and Forgiveness

Part II: Sharing Jesus Politics in Everyday Life

  1. The Law and Order of the King
  2. Changing American Through Kingdom Living
  3. Taking the Manifesto to the Street

In Jesus Politics, you will learn how to:

●         Prioritize an affiliation with Jesus rather than political parties

●         Use your freedoms to advance the Kingdom of God

●         Recognize the influence of Jesus in every facet of society

●         Discern biblical qualities in elected leaders

●         Respond to America's brokenness as a representative of King Jesus

"If there's one thing I know," says Phil Robertson, "it's this: An encounter with the living God is the only hope for mankind. It's the only hope for President Trump, for me, for America. It's the only hope for true freedom and lasting peace. And the God of the universe has made a way for us to have this kind of encounter. That way is Jesus, the very personification of God, the very hope of the world."



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