Co-founder Of Former Delirous? Band Martin Smith To Release His First Solo Project

Martin Smith, a frontman of former UK band Delirious? is readying to release his first full-length solo album titled God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01, on April 23, 2013.

Smith’s God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 02, is planned to release same year, October, 2013.

After Smith closed the door with Delirious? he headed to Brighton located south of London to serve in a worship ministry.

Smith, “When you enter a transition period, there’s a lot of uncertainty. You’re letting go of a lot of things, bit by bit—the microphone, your finances, even some sense of your identity—but as you find yourself more dependent on God, you begin to really experience his kindness. You see him show up in incredible ways, you see his provision, discover new opportunities and favor. Things you thought were lost start to reappear. Three years on, God has given me some new things to say, and I’m so incredibly grateful...” 

On the album, Smith collaborated with many young worship leaders. Smith, “I see my role as different now. I want to invest in the next generation coming through, reminding everyone of what it really is to worship with our lives, serving, keeping your hands clean—I feel the responsibility of those things more and more.”

Among 12 songs on the album, Smith explains about the song “Back to the Start,” as “a prodigal song about finding my way back to everything that matters most; finding God in it all again.”

A music video for the song unfolding Smith’s story is planned to be released soon featuring Smith’s daughter Elle.

A song which opens Jesus Culture With Martin Smith:  Live From New York album “Fire Never Sleeps” can be also found on the record along with a ballad “Catch Every Teardrop,” “You Carry Me,” “Waiting Here For You,” which was co-written with Chris Tomlin.

Smith, “I don’t think God is worried about the platform he’s given me in the past. He’s worried most about my heart. If that’s in a good place, he’ll use it... at church, in stadiums, wherever he will. All you want to do is be someone of influence, but it doesn’t have to be on a global stage. It never did.”

Smith continues, “Having said that, it’s part of my life, to have that voice. And my prayer is that God will use this new music to remind people of his grace, to remind them of his heart for the poor and broken and of his Kingdom coming on Earth.” 

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