San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church To Unveil New Building Inspired By Noah’s Ark

San Antonio, TX, Cornerstone Church led by Executive Pastor Matthew Hagee, will unveil its new building that was inspired by the Noah’s Ark.

The 28,400 square foot building was built for children and contains true to size animatronics animals, features custom designed wall murals, synthetic trees and grasses, LED shooting stars, custom wood-plank carpeting and more. Some of the animatronic animals were created by a Southern California’s company Animal Makers.

Pastor Hagee told, "I want them to say it happened. The Ark was real. Salvation is real. What God desires for Noah, God desires for me. For Noah, it was a boat. And for me, it was Jesus Christ."

The central area ceiling features sky with clouds and two shooting stars of 30 foot size, along with 400 simulated candles which create night/day experience.

The building that was designed to hold 850 children began its construction in November 2011 and the cost of the building was covered by cash donations from congregation.

Hagee, "If casinos can build opulent buildings to incentivize gamblers to want to come and enjoy their weekend, how then can you justify not building something that would incentivize people to come and hear about the Word of God? I don't have any problem with somebody saying it's over the top."

The Ark grant opening is scheduled for Saturday, March 16 at 12PM at 18755 Stone Oak Parkway, San Antonio, TX. 

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