Skillet's John Cooper Rebels Against Relativism in His Book "Awake & Alive to Truth"

John Cooper

In bold fashion, GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum rocker John Cooper is rebelling against relativism in his debut book, Awake & Alive to Truth (Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World).  Self-published and available on Black Friday (11.27.20), the book can also be pre-ordered now by clicking here

"In an era of tolerance and self-proclaimed love, why are we getting angrier and lonelier?" Cooper asks. "One big reason is because relative truth doesn't work. If nothing is absolutely true then anything can be viewed as good. Political and social movements create a popular opinion that through social media and the news media are promulgated as virtuous, only to be changed the next day.  I wrote Awake & Alive to Truth because we live in a culture that is more concerned with tone rather than honesty, emotion rather than critical thinking, and empathy rather than truth. I believe truth is revealed by God and God alone.  The identity you belong to - the color of your skin, your gender, or your economic status - cannot be a prerequisite for understanding the truth."

After traveling the world for 23 years as the lead singer/bassist for Skillet, Kenosha, WI resident and Memphis, TN born Cooper says he has noticed one consistent issue: people are desperately confused. Awake and Alive To Truth tackles the reigning philosophies of our day of post-modernism, relativism, and the popular view of the goodness of man-and combats these viewpoints by standing on the absolute truth of the Word of God. Awake and Alive To Truth answers some of the most asked questions in modern culture. Cooper takes readers on a journey through personal stories, the doctrine of original sin, the authority of Scripture, the danger of trusting your emotions, and ends with the greatest news possible: God wants to rescue you from the chaos and the darkness and bring you into His glorious light.  

In the fall of 2019, Cooper launched his Cooper Stuff podcast following the chain reaction to a popular post he titled "What In God's Name is Happening in Christianity?" dealing with faith leaders and 'influencers' falling away from their faith. Since then, Cooper has taken hot-button issues head-on, and gained an ever-growing audience.  One of his more recent episodes, currently with over 500,000 views, came when an outbreak of violence took over downtown Kenosha, WI, just blocks from his home, after the Jacob Blake shooting.  Other topics/titles have included "Cancel Christianity," "Falling into the Abyss of Wokeness," "Christian Leaders are Failing Us," "Civil War in the Church, "Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is the new sex, drugs and rock 'n roll," and many more.  

About The Author:
John L. Cooper is the lead vocalist, bassist, and songwriter/producer for Skillet, one of the best-selling rock bands of at the 21st century. The two-time grammy award nominated 12X platinum band was inducted to Pandora's Billionaire club after garnering 2 Billion streams, took home a billboard music award and more. Their breakout single "Monster" remains "one of the most-streamed rock songs of all time" with 285 million global audio streams. John and his wife Korey have been touring together for the entirety of their 23 years of marriage and live in Kenosha, WI with their two children. John and Korey are passionate about sharing the truth of Christ to the world through music, the Cooper Stuff Podcast, two Skillet graphic novels entitled Eden and Eden: The Aftermath, and now through his debut book, Awake & Alive to Truth.

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