Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Lied to a Muslim Designer that He was an Unmarried Sports Agent During Affair

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Hillsong NYC's senior pastor Carl Lentz was recently fired from the mega church for being unfaithful to his wife. A 34-year-old designer from New York City, spoke exclusively to The Sun about dating the married church leader for over five months before their emotional breakup just this week.  

Ranin, whom wishes to keep her last name private, revealed to The Sun that Lentz's Instagram post about his firing was "offensive," and made it seem like they "just had a fling."

She said: "I wasn't there for just sex, we both found comfort and a deep, special connection with each other. I am very hurt because we both feel the same way about each other. He loves me and I love him. It was a love relationship that wasn't planned. It wasn't just a fling or just a sexual relationship."

Ranin, a professing Muslim, said they met in May at Domino Park in Brooklyn, New York. She said he approached her. "I have no knowledge of the Christian world; I'm Muslim," she stated, claiming she had no idea he was a celebrity pastor at first. "He told me the most beautiful women come from the Middle East and we kept talking from there. We walked and talked more for a little bit and exchanged numbers."

Ranin went on to say that he shared his first name with her and "that his job was as a sports agent." He reportedly told her that he did not want to give her his last name so she could "get to know him in person" first before looking him up on Google. 

Raine maintained that she did not know Lentz was married until after a few dates. "He said he had absolutely never strayed outside of his marriage before and was feeling guilty," Ranin, who is of Egyptian and Palestinian descent, continued. "But he told me that when he met me, God told him to tell me that I need to know my worth and there's something special about me ... whatever, whatever." 

She said they soon started to engage in sexual intimacy "a few times a week" for several months.

It all came to an end when Laura (Carl's wife) reportedly discovered that Lentz and Ranin were having an affair after seeing all of their intimate conversations on his work computer at the church, which was linked to his phone.

In 2010, Carl Lentz co-founded Hillsong NYC in New York City with Joel Houston.Hillsong NYC currently has about 9,000 attendees among its 6 weekly services held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan and the Welmont Theatre in Montclair, New Jersey. In 2017, Hillsong NYC expanded to campuses in Connecticut and Boston.

Lentz baptized Justin Bieber, was present at the baptism of Kevin Durant, and has befriended various other well-known people.







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