Jesslyn McCutcheon Releases "What Kind Of Love Is This"

Jesslyn McCutcheon

Jesslyn McCutcheon, a Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter/Speaker from King, North Carolina, has released her new single "What Kind Of Love Is This."

Listen to the song HERE.

"This song was written this past August right after I had my second neck surgery", explains Jesslyn. "To be really specific it is called anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. What?! It's much easier to just say neck surgery. I was not thrilled about having this surgery again. I just had the same surgery performed on a different part of my neck six months prior. I'm sure some of you can relate if you have had this surgery or know someone who has.

The recovery process can be rather grueling and can last up to three months and in some cases longer. I was a hot mess that day with my nerves and anxiety getting the best of me. I was in tears and just thinking the worse. I could not get myself to calm down and transport was coming to take me down soon. Right before transport came we had a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that rattled most homes, buildings, and residents in NC. The nurse, my husband and I all looked around the room at each other with that look of, "Did you just feel that? Did we just have an earthquake?"

The nurse was so shaken up she sat at the base of my bed. Just like the earthquake had hit all of us that morning, my current situation seemed very small. There is nothing that God cannot do. Let me say that again, there is nothing that God cannot do. I didn't need to be anxious, I didn't need to fear, I just needed to trust that God knows exactly what He is doing and that He would see me through what I was about to go through... again.

This song 'What Kind Of Love Is This' was written while in recovery. It is about trusting God in the midst of any storm that you are going through. "Peace be still now, peace be still, calm my sea of Gaililee" is one of the lyrics in this song. Just like Jesus calmed the stormy sea of Gaililee and calmed the fear of his disciples, he silenced my storm that morning. Even when our faith is tested, even when the world is shaken, we don't need to be afraid but to embrace the arms of our Heavenly Father who welcomes us back each and every time with unconditional love that never wavers. Joshua 1:9 says, 'Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.'" 

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