Actress Tenley Kellogg Opens Up About Her Career and Her Role in "Faith Under Fire"

Tenley Kellogg

In a Partnership with Collide Distribution, Iconic Events, and Universal Pictures Content Group, FAITH UNDER FIRE is set to release in multiple formats.  The film is now available on DVD and through streaming formats. Starring Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, God's Not Dead), Dean Cain (Lois & Clark, God's Not Dead), and Nick Vlassopoulos (Detroit 1-8-7), and directed by Joel Paul Reisig (Horse Camp), FAITH UNDER FIRE is a powerful story of grief, forgiveness and finding the courage to rise above. 

FAITH UNDER FIRE shares the story of Fireman Tom Hatcher (Vlassopoulos) who is at the end of his rope. He saves lives in his job but could not save his wife from cancer, and now his daughter faces the same battle. From an unlikely friend, Tom is challenged to face grief and embrace faith in his darkest hours. 

Take a look at the trailer HERE.

Actress Tenley Kellogg is an accomplished actress at only 12 years old, Tenley has an impressive resume, including many live theater productions and a growing list of films. In this film, Tenley has the challenging role of Tiffany, a young girl who has lost her mother and now has received a cancer diagnosis.

In the film, Tenley stars alongside Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, GOD'S NOT DEAD), Dean Cain (Lois & Clark, GOD'S NOT DEAD), and Nick Vlassopolous (Detroit 187, Crossing Jordan) 

Q: Tenley, thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  When did you first become interested in acting? 

I got my start in acting when I was five years old at the Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City. When I was old enough, I started doing plays like "Aladdin" and "James & The Giant Peach." From there, I performed in "It's A Wonderful Life" at The Williamsburg Theater. The director there told us there was a movie audition she thought I would be great for, and I said "let's go for it."  

Q: What are some of the movies you are involved with?

Up next, I am going to begin filming a sitcom pilot called "Giggs." It is a very funny and heartful sitcom. The script is amazingly funny and sweet.
I also have an upcoming feature film called "Pulled From Darkness."  This feature based off of a true story from 1980s Armenia. After their mother is taken and missing for three years, three siblings must figure out how they are going to find her and reunite after losing hope.

Q: How do you balance school and acting?

Because I'm homeschooled, my schedule is easier to work with. I do school in the morning, and acting/coaching in the afternoon, unless there's an audition deadline, then the schedule is reversed. 

Q: In the movie FAITH UNDER FIRE, what is your role in this movie? 

I played the co-lead Tiffany Hatcher. 

Q: What did you most enjoy about the making of this movie?

I really enjoyed working with Mr. Cain and Mr. Sorbo. They are both super funny. They really treated me like an adult, but they would still laugh and joke around with me.  

Q: Why do you think people should watch FAITH UNDER FIRE?

The story of Tiffany & Tom Hatcher is really an amazing story that captures all of the struggles that cancer patients & the family go through. It's heartfelt, and very real, at times. What I love most is Tiffany's awesome personality while going through it all. She never lost faith.  


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