Adrienne Pabon Drops New Single "'Choose Life"

Adrienne Pabon

Emerging independent singer/songwriter Adrienne Pabon releases her second single "Choose Life" (LISTEN HERE) on January 23rd 2021. Produced by Matt Novesky, 'Choose Life' is her continued testimony that takes the listener on a powerful journey of pain, realization and triumph.

Adrienne wrote 'Choose Life' to give hope to the hopeless and shine a light in the darkness. Be prepared to listen with an open heart. She released her first single, 'What Do You Expect?', in 2019.

Adrienne grew up in the Texas Hill Country and was singing for as long as she can remember. She grew up in a family full of church musicians and found a love for spiritual and gospel music very early on.

Eventually, her upbringing and personal experience inspired the Texas native to share her own testimony one song as a time.

Music aside, Adrienne loves spending time with her little one the most, and running her small town shop with her sister in Marble Falls, Texas. 

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