Jordan St. Cyr Releases New Video "Fires"

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Canadian artist and songwriter Jordan St. Cyr returns with the release of his new single titled "Fires." You can watch the video HERE.

It was two years ago on a trip to Nashville when St. Cyr attended the Full Circle Music Academy writing camp that this song was birthed. It was inspired by a young man named Nathan who attended the Academy's writers-in-the-round event. Nathan was working as a valet as well as holding down two other jobs to make ends meet, but was so touched by the message of the songs performed that night that he left a note for one of the songwriters, thanking them for the hope he had been given. The note ended up being shared on socials and went viral. While this young man working three jobs was about to lose everything he owned, the next few days changed his life. Enough money was raised to save his home and pay off some debts.

St. Cyr, a husband and a father of two boys and two girls, shares, "'Fires' is a song that has become an anthem in our house. It has helped us heal and is giving us a new perspective on pain and suffering."

He continues, "The day after our youngest daughter Emery was born, she had an MRI that revealed a rare brain condition. What we were told next changed our future forever; the left side of her brain was dying. That day, we experienced equal parts joy and sorrow. Our hearts were in a million pieces and for the first time in our lives, our need for God was greater than anything else. Since then, we've had more doctors' appointments than we can count. Emery has had seizures and several emergency hospital visits. We still have so many more questions than answers but, as we continue to place our hope and trust in Jesus, our faith continues to grow deeper. And we wouldn't trade that for anything.

"Looking back," he concludes, "I realize now that God gave me Nathan's story so I could walk through mine with my daughter, to help me along the way and allow my faith to rise up, to know God has not left me in this trial. Rather, he is walking it with me, guiding me through the pain and refining and purifying my heart that I may know him more."



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