Triumphant Quartet “Bigger than Sunday” Album Review

Triumphant Quartet

Prime Cuts: Goodness of God, Best Thing, How Saved I Am

Overall Grade: 4.25/5

Triumphant Quartet have a knack for great songs.  Regardless of whether it is an original or a popular worship song, they know a great song when they hear one. More importantly, they have a way of making them sound like their own. "Bigger than Sunday," their first album since 2019's "Yes," finds them tackling Bethel Music's "The Goodness of God," Sinach's "Way Maker" and a medley of their older songs in addition to seven newly crafted songs. As for the originals, group member Scotty Inman has had a hand in crafting all 7 of them, including the title cut, "Bigger Than Sunday" (with Benji Cowart and Tony Wood), "Don't Miss Jesus" (with Michael Farren and Tony Wood), and "He Walked Out" (with Jason Cox and Kenna Turner West).

The title cut "Bigger than a Sunday" sets the lyrical tenor of the album. Singing about how Jesus exceeds the compartments of our lives, "Bigger than a Sunday" has a bombastic harmony-stacked chorus befitting of the song's message. The beat-driven "He Walked Out" continues on with the theme of Christ's sovereignty on an ode to the resurrection of Christ. In our culture where our attention tends to be focused on lesser things such as politics, styles of worship and so forth, "Don't Miss Jesus" hits right at the heart that it is possible to be so self-righteous with our views that we miss Jesus. 

A trio of songs form the nerve center of the record: the ballad "How Saved I Am" displays such a sense of vulnerability and honesty that makes it palatable to those who are hurting. Thanks to Wayne Haun's deft string arrangement, "Best Thing" has a lushed and majestic feel that is captivating.  While the Quartet's take of Bethel Music "The Goodness of God" is done on their terms rather than a lazy carbon copy of the original. Sounding like one of their better ballads, the team takes their time to nuance what is one of the best expositions of God's love in contemporary worship music. 

Though the standard of this record is high, it is chipped by the cluttered percussion of,"Sing Hallelujah" and the anonymous sounding "Hope is Holding Me."  Other than that, "Bigger than Sunday" lives up to its titular.  With lyrics that make Jesus glorious coupled with tunes that are well-crafted and generally memorable, this record is definitely bigger (and better) than many other releases out there.



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