Gas Street Music Releases Integrity Music EP "Rewilding"

Gas Street Music

Gas Street Music releases their brand new Integrity Music EP today. 'Rewilding' captures the heart of what it means to live in the wide-open space we read of in scripture; wild, uninhibited, free of the constraints of expectation or prescription. Surrendering and observing. Resetting, recalibrating and slowly but surely rediscovering. Inspired by the dramatic transformation brought about by the physical process of rewilding agricultural land, 

Gas Street Music have grafted these same principles into their worship ministry: removing figurative fences in worship, and stepping back to allow the space to be filled with the natural songs of their environment. They have set about relinquishing all preconceptions and parameters, and embracing the discomfort and discipline of letting go. In doing so, they're exploring the beautiful wilderness Paul speaks of when he encourages Christians in the New Testament to enter "this wide-open, spacious life" and to "live openly and expansively". (2 Cor 6, MSG) 


01. Love Won't Stop
02. By The Grace of God
03. Yours (feat. Leeland)
04. Rule & Reign
05. Praise To You Alone
06. The River 

Gas Street Music is a worship community based at Gas Street Church in Birmingham, UK featuring worship leaders and songwriters such as Tim Hughes, Luke & Anna Hellebronth, Nick Herbert, Millie Tilby, Michael Shannon and more. Building on the foundations of Worship Central - a global movement to train and resource the Church - Gas Street Music are entering a new season. Sensing the time was right, they are beginning to unlock their heart cry, and are creating space for their community and city to be filled with songs and sounds of life.

Their new EP 'Rewilding' carries the anticipation of hearing the rising song of hearts tuning into the voice of the Holy Spirit, and passionately expressing their devotion with honesty. This music comes from a group of worshippers seeking simply to make space for God to do a new thing in people's hearts and minds. It shares the results of unscheduled, unpredictable moments that reveal wonder and awe at God's love.

Watch their story HERE.


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