Hillsong's Brooke Ligertwood Invites All Women to Download Free Devotional

brooke ligertwood

Hillsong Color conference, hosted annually by Global Senior Pastor Bobbie Houston, has been serving the needs of women all over the world for the last couple of decades. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's conference is taking place online. Hillsong Church has released a 5-day devotional The Art of Peacemaking that will help women prepare for the conference. 

Brooke Ligertwood, Hillsong Worship's leader and songwriter, invites all women to download the devotional (which is free) HERE. Ligertwood writes "We embarked on a different and beautiful expression of COLOUR CONFERENCE this year and one of my favourite resources the team put together was a 5 day devotional on PEACEMAKING.

How many know that in a chapter of history such as the one we find ourselves in, we need a strong Biblical framework and the help of the Holy Spirit to be peacemakers! This is a (free) five day devotional on becoming Christ-like peacemakers through the lens of Romans 12:1-21, and I am excited to dive in myself."

Here's an excerpt of the devotional:

"If we are honest with ourselves, in these present days, this beautiful, God-given world oen feels like it is bere of peace. A global pandemic, armed conflicts, insurrection, political and societal divisions, strife in homes, marriages and relationships... there just seems to be no end to it all.

There can be no doubt that we need peace more than ever and there is a certain urgency to engender, to foster and pursue peace in and for ourselves, our families and communities.

In the midst of the chaos, confusion, misinformation, conspiracy theories and the relentlessly despairing news cycle, how do we pursue peace within ourselves and with each other? How can we take personal responsibility to be agents of peace? How do we make peace rather than seek just to keep the peace? What does the Bible say about it and is it even possible to see peace reign on the earth in these turbulent times?

Whether you choose to delve into this 5-day devotional on your own or gather with a few friends, this is specically designed for you to discover how you can personally begin to, or continue to learn the art of peacemaking through the central passage of Romans 12:1-21." 

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