Rory Feek Contemplates About the Brevity of Life on the Death of His Father-in-Law

Rory Feek

The father-in-law of Joey + Rory singer Rory Feek has just passed away. Jack Martin was the father of the late Joey Feek and the father-in-law of Rory Feek for the last 20 years. Frank Martin was 73 years old.

Martin died on a flight to Las Vegas when he suffered a heart attack. The plane was diverted to Kansas City, but medical personnel could not revive him. Rory recounts: "... (M)y father-in-law for the last twenty years, had a heart attack. Beth was taking Dad to see the Grand Canyon and some other heavenly places he'd been wanting to see for a long time. Instead, he got to see heaven itself. In mid-flight, the plane had to divert and do an emergency landing in Kansas City. Paramedics tried for forty minutes to revive him, but it was no use." 

Martiin's death was preceded byhis son Justin, who died in a car accident in 1994 and daughter Joey Feek in 2016. In the light of the deaths of his father-in-law and his wife Joey, Rory reflects: "It's a strange thing to think about waking up to what would feel like any other day, doing what you do... making coffee, showering, dressing, getting your day started like every other day. Only on that day, it wasn't going to be like the others. It was gonna be the last day. Dad was 73 years old. Doing some quick math, that's approximately 27,000 days of opening your eyes and waking and living and doing what you do. And then one day you don't."

Rory then reflects on his own mortality.  "I can't help but wonder when my last day might be. And if I'm prepared. If my children are. Are any of us really ready when it's our time?

The other night, Indy was getting ready for bed and we were listening to a special song that I'll share another time. I was smiling as we listened together, yet tears were streaming down my face. Indy wiped my cheek with her little fingers and said, "are you sad happy Papa?"


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