Worship For Everyone's Nick & Becky Drake Go Intimate with "Forever Yours"

Nick & Becky Drake

Worship For Everyone's Nick & Becky Drake have two purposes in mind when they create new music for the church. First, they want their music to be congregational, such that people across the ages can sing along to them. Second, they want their songs to be simple yet not simplistic. They want to create songs that are easy for anyone to sing to. Yet, these songs capture the profound truths of God.  

Over the last couple of years, they have been partnering with Integrity Music to channel their music to the churches. This week they released the third of their recent trilogy of singles 'Forever Yours'. Typically, the repertoire of songs are focused on upbeat action songs, but this new song is their first forray into the balladry terrain. "Forever Yours" is an intimate worship song that voices our cry to be close to God.

I am not alone

Every day You're speaking

Straight into my heart

Everywhere I go

There will never be a place

Where we're apart

Forever Yours, God

Forever Yours

Forever Yours, God

I will never be alone

For I am Yours 

"It encourages us that God is always near, speaking into our dreams and holding our lives firmly in His hands. No matter how young or how old, we all need the hope and reassurance that we belong to our Father God eternally; we are 'Forever Yours'."

Listen to "Forever Yours" HERE.


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