ICF Worship's Tamara Fontijn Shares the Inspiration Behind "In My Midnight"

ICF Worship

Swiss worship collective ICF Worship will release their new single 'In My Midnight' this Friday April 9th via Integrity Music. The new worship ballad speaks about how our confidence is not found in our circumstances. Rather, it is rooted in the goodness of God in every hour of our lives, especially our midnights.

ICF Worship's Tamara Fontijn shares how the song came to her when she was laying wide awake, head spinning with thoughts one night. She recalled the story of Paul and Silas being in a similar state and praising God while in prison. "It was such an intimate moment and a huge gift to realise how God can use anything - even a night of broken sleep - and turn it into a blessing," she explains. Mountains rise in front of me

But I rest in Your presence

Their shadows try to frighten me

But I rest in Your presence

Here I am

I praise You in my midnight

Cause You are good,

and I believe You will make a way for me

'In My Midnight' is a call to worship God without an agenda, regardless of our circumstances, bringing light into our midnights.

ICF Worship is the sound of the @icfchurch movement birthed in Zurich Switzerland ( @icfconference @icfladieslounge. 


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