Caitie Hurst Talks About on Her Wedding Day: "I Want the Gospel on Display"

Caitie Hurst

Pop princess of CCM Caitie Hurst got married to her fiancé Parker Beasley last Saturday on April 10th at Gallatin, TN. Hurst, who has released two EPs for Centricity Music, has shared her thoughts about their wedding on social media.

She wanted first and foremost to have the gospel of Jesus on display throughout her wedding. She writes: "I can't put yesterday into words that accurately describe how amazing of a day it was. Parker + i prayed for weeks that our wedding day would put the gospel of Jesus Christ on display, at the forefront of everything."

"Looking back on yesterday I'm in awe of the goodness of God!," Hurst continues, "I didn't realize how much I would learn about the character of Christ through dating you @parker_beasley - + I count it as the greatest blessing I've ever been given to be your wife, + to get to continue to walk beside you in marriage  cause  you're  my HUSBAND NOW WOW?!" 

Hurst is also grateful to her friends and family for their support. "Also. I have no idea why the lord blessed parker and I with such amazing, kind, + selfless family + friends - but I'm so grateful He did

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