Marvel Replaces Steve Rogers for Captain America with Anthony Mackie as the Black American Version

Anthony Mackie, the new Captain America

Marvel Replaces Steve Rogers for Captain America with Anthony Mackie as the Black merican Version

Marvel has turned its universe of roles upside down again with the shift of the Captain America role from Captain Rogers to Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon. The first announcement with respect to the marvel universe was that Thor's role was going to be feminine henceforth, but that's another story entirely. The first citing of the Falcon in Marvel's fan fiction world was in 1969; issue number 117 of Captain America. This featured him going against the nefarious foe 'Red Skull', when a trip to an island put him face to face with a group known as the Exiles, who had ties to the evil lord. In the comics this is how he and captain America became acquainted and a friendship or rather partnership began.

This follows a story that he has helped S.H.I.E.L.D through the years as well as other organizations fight crime. According to the producers and critics, they are not far much different from each other. The falcon may be African American but he is not much younger mentally and they are able to learn fast in order to adapt to the modern world. In essence, taking from the script of the Winter Solider where the Falcon was played by Anthony Mackie, they are both soldiers and have traits that soldiers do especially when they have come from warzones and try to assimilate themselves back into the society with varying success.

The Falcon and Captain Rogers both had recurring memories of what the war was like, but the Falcon was able to deal with it better because of his experience in social work. This perhaps puts him in a better position for the role because as much as they are both from different worlds as compared to the society they protect, the Falcon has seen the filth, corruption and despair that the modern society has to offer from the lowest levels who do not have a voice. However, Marvel claims that they are not etching Rogers away from the screen. According to Brevoort, he will play a more remote and strategic advisory role probably akin to Fury.  


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