Lucy Grimble Talks About the Inspiration Behind the Video "Clean"

Lucy Grimble

Worship leader and songwriter Lucy Grimble has released a stunning video to her new single "Clean." The song, which is written by Grimble and Mitch Wong, is from Grimble's recently released album God's Heart Explodes. The song which speaks of how Christ wants to make us clean.

Grimble reflects on how the song came about."So often I've equated being clean with being perfect. Never making mistakes and earning my righteousness in so doing. But the idea of being "Clean" when it comes to God is only ever a result of the work of the cross and our entire faith and dependence on that. As the old hymn goes, what can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Redemption for me is the most beautiful concept because it's not just wiping the slate clean and resetting back to zero, it's God taking the broken parts of our lives and actually making things grow again." "So many people are battling with shame in church and I really hope this song can be a powerful reminder that God never writes us off, regardless of what we've done. He can make new life grow out of desolate places when we invite Him into them." 

Watch the video of "Clean" here.

Not only is the song stunning, so is the video. Grimble goes on to talk about how the concept for the video came about. "I couldn't get away from the image of flowers growing as a symbol of redemption - that from cold seemingly lifeless soil, roots find a way, shoots break through the surface, dirty brown turns to green turns to colour.

We started from a simple mood board and the idea that developed was a narrative of growing up, loss of innocence, and restoration. We wanted to move away from the image of being clean as being perfect. We wanted to dwell on the idea of God restoring us not looking like restoring us to factory settings as if our history never happened, but God entering into the brutal, painful, shameful parts of our history and like a tender gardener, making new life grow from the dead and damaged parts of our hearts.

Being made clean isn't about performance, it's a hopeful promise that no matter what we've done, God can restore and breathe his life and love into us to make something grow that's beautiful and new."

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