CAIN “Rise Up” Album Review


Prime Cuts: Revival, The Commission, Rise Up (Lazarus)

Overall Grade: 3.5/5

CAIN, which comprises of siblings Madison Cain Johnson, Taylor Cain Matz, and Logan Cain, have finally dropped their debut album. The trio have been whetting our appetites since last year as they drop one single after another, followed by an EP of 6 songs. Finally, we have their 10-song album, which also includes the 6 songs from last year's EP.  CAIN has a way of wrapping their infectious pop sounds around catchy choruses that have ways of swirling in your head all day. This is why their singles "Rise Up (Lazarus)" and "Yes He Can" are already staples on CCM radio. 

Speaking of their singles, "Rise Up (Lazarus)" deserves special attention. Though songs about the resurrection power of Christ abound, but few actually show us how the resurrected Christ impacts our lives in ways that are palatable. "Yes He Can" finds the trio in the worship sub-genre. Here CAIN draws our attention to how powerful our God is as they sing, "Did He move every mountain? Did He part every sea? Yes He did, so yes He can." Many have set the Great commission of Jesus as found in Matt 28:18-20 to music. However, few have actually helped us re-live the narrative when Jesus first issued the mandate. CAIN do this with mastery on the ballad "The Commission."

Though "I'm Blessed" is a little too self-absorbed lyrically, the song is saved by its infectious pop-centric chorus. Those of us who feel apathetic towards faith and Jesus will relate to the deeply personal "Revival." Lyrics such as "Holy Ghost come awaken, bring me back to the days when/Wonder working power, was alive in me/Oh I need a revival" should be the prayer on our lips and hearts. Those who like a rawer and less polished sound will love the country-tinged "Hey Jesus." Despite the song's nebulous structure, there's a Lady A vibe that is quite fetching. Yet, not all the songs address our relationship with God alone, "People Need People" puts into contemporary parlance what the Apostle Paul talks about how Christians are integral parts of the body of Christ. 

With tracks such as "Keep Following" and "Over My Head," the album does suffer from some anonymity. However, overall Rise Up is a welcoming debut. The bright and uplifting tunes, the catchy pop choruses, and the siblings fine harmonies make Rise Up a noteworthy record among the sea of new releases.



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