The Alliance Church Forms Its Own Worship Collective & Drops New EP

Alliance Worship

The worship pastors and worship leaders of the Alliance Church in the US have gathered together to form Alliance Worship. The team have just launched the release of the first volume of first self-titled EP of 7 songs. This EP is created with the hopes of reviving our passion to sing our treasured theology together! 

"It's been a long time coming but Alliance Worship Volume 1 is OUT NOW on all major streaming platforms!," the team writes. "If you're at Council, you can purchase a physical copy of the CD at the Council store."

The new EP was produced by Jonathan Class & Josh Sadlon. It features songs written by Aaron Shust, Danny Brymer, Gabe Tringale, Jake Furman, Jelani Aswad, John Stumbo, Josh Sadlon, Kelvin Walker, Kerry Boutwell, Kong Hang, Madison Samokar, Michaela Bales, Preston Phillips, Raphael Giglio, Siobhan Seaman & Tim Meier.

All the chord charts of the songs are available for FREE at  


1. No Holding Back - Alliance Worship
2. All of Jesus for All the World - Aaron Shust
3. When I Said Yes to You - Alliance Worship
4. Here I Am - Alliance Worship
5. Regions Beyond (Freedom) - City Sound Worship
6. Never Alone - Aaron Shust
7. All the World Needs Jesus - Alliance Worship

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