Author Jeff D. Reeter Challenges Us to Live an "Extraordinary Life"


Author, speaker, businessman, Baylor University Regent, former advisor to Dr. Ben Carson, and Deacon of Second Baptist Houston, JEFF D. REETER is set to release his new book Do Life Differently: A Strategic Path Toward Extraordinary (Worthy/Hachette), releasing nationwide in November. Do Life Differently will help lead you toward extraordinary in all areas of life by offering guiding questions and exercises that will help you create your very own custom-tailored master action plan. Each step is designed with the purpose of helping you understand how to become the best version of your authentic self. You will also create a legacy that encourages others to learn, grow, and gain wisdom, values which will help them on their own journey. 

We are honored to be able to catch up with Jeff as he shares with us more about his new book.

Q: Jeff, thank you for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: tell us a little about yourself and your current ministry?

A: I love this question about ministry. My primary ministry is being a sheep in wolves clothing in a marketplace that desperately needs the truth of the Gospel to enrich lives toward abundance. I have also had the great privilege of serving on several boards of various ministries for the purpose of evangelism, inner-city ministry, education against the backdrop of truth, the future of America as nation blessed by God, etc... I'm so grateful for having been given the opportunity to serve on various platforms in pursuit of truth and God's purpose.

Q: Congratulations on your new book, briefly tell us what is "Do Life Differently" about?

A: I'm so thankful for the success of this book. Do Life Differently is about choosing to live life by design, not by the fault. It is about being highly intentional in running after an extraordinary life pursuit. It also encourages that pursuit as being something as unique to us as our thumbprint. Each of us has a purpose greater than ourselves. That purpose can be a unique "life print" as we were each strategically designed for a specific purpose on this earth - running hard after a life adventure with God as our Guide.

Q: Why did you decide to write this book?

A: For me, this book has been God's project. About 15 years ago, soon after my father passed away, I felt led, I believe of the Lord, to begin praying and thinking about this. It literally took me over five years to write the book, and strangely though, it was a labor of love and a project full of joy.

Q: How would you define an "extraordinary life"? What is God's role in this extraordinary life?

A: I love to talk about an extraordinary life. Normally, when I do, I ask people about ordinary. I tend to ask, "Is that what we are going for? Is an ordinary marriage our goal?" The answer is always emphatically "No!" Then I write the word "EXTRA" on top of the word "ordinary," and we gain an extraordinary perspective on running this race of life differently. Christ came that we might have life and have it to the full. To me, that may be the best definition of what extraordinary is in our life pursuit. We must run life with Christ - Christ in me, the hope of glory!

Q: What are some ways we can lead ourselves and others to such a life?

A: Doing life differently usually starts with a dream, a vision, and a belief. We must believe it is possible to do exceedingly and abundantly above and beyond what others might ask or think. Often, we think more generally about our lives, but I love to challenge people to look more specifically at the journey. Five years from now, what could my marriage be like? My fitness? My faith? My community involvement and leadership? And so much more!

Q: You also talk about the importance of leaving a legacy. How do we do that?

A: Each of us should be running after a legacy that is as unique to us as our thumbprint. I love to visit with folks about their legacy as their "life print." God has uniquely fashioned each of us for a purpose greater than ourselves. It's a purpose ordained by God in which we are to journey on this earth. A life adventure with God as our Guide in pursuit of a purpose beyond the probable is going to be a legacy that far outlasts anything else in this life.

Q: Why it is important to be grounded in your faith while serving others?

A: It makes me really sad when I see beautiful, wonderful people floundering so desperately in our country these days. God has given us a love letter and playbook in his Word. It takes selfdiscipline and the desire to please God in waking up early and spending time in His Word. When somebody does that, they become grounded in their faith. As we become grounded in our faith through the discipline of studying God's Word, we grow and thrive. Over time, we become like that deer that panteth after water and our soul begins to pant after God. That is the definition of extraordinary and always results and serving others

Q: Where can our readers go find out more about you and your writings?

Instagram: @jeffreeter LINK

Twitter: @jeff_reeter LINK

Facebook: Jeff Reeter (Author) LINK



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