Lonesome River Band on Paying Tribute to the Easter Brothers with New Album

Lonesome River Band

Legendary bluegrass band Lonesome River Band (LRB) are celebrating their 40th anniversary by paying tribute to one of Gospel music's most enduring band the Easter Brothers. On July 23, LRB will be releasing Singing Up There: A Tribute to the Easter Brothers.  The current line-up of LRB - Shelor, fiddler Mike Hartgrove, singers Brandon Rickman (guitar), Jesse Smathers (mandolin) and bassist Barry Reed -- all grew up listening to the Easter Brothers.

"Growing up in Patrick County, Virginia, I was influenced by a lot of Bluegrass Gospel," recalls Lonesome River Band's award-winning banjo player, harmony vocalist and leader, Sammy Shelor. "One of the strongest groups in that genre was The Easter Brothers, from just down the road in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Their songwriting and harmonies were so strong and inspiring to me in my youth, and it has stayed in my heart all these years. We are so happy to be able to pay tribute to these fine gentlemen and the legacy they have created."

The new album is preceded by the lead single "Every minute Means a Mile." It will also feature the Southern Gospel-flavored "Standing On The Banks," mountain-flavored meditations like the classic "Lord, I'm Just A Branch," and the more recent "Little At A Time" - this version already a hit single for LRB - and more, each showing a different facet of the Brothers' catalog and sound, delivered by musicians for whom this sound and these songs are almost second nature.  

"We want to sincerely thank the Easter Brothers for all the years these gentlemen shared the blessing of their music all over the country," adds Shelor, "and the many miles they traveled to do so. It was truly anointed, and done for the glory of God; you can hear it in the lyrics. Please go back and listen to the original recordings of these great songs - it will be a blessing!"

Pre-order, add or save Singing Up There: A Tribute to the Easter Brothers HERE.



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