Aaron Cole's Grandma Was Involved in a Car Accident and Is Still Unconscious

Aaron Cole

Christian hip-hop artist Aaron Cole has shared on social media that his beloved grandmother was hit by a car last week. She is still in hospital and she hasn't woken up yet. 

Cole revealed, "Sometimes I don't talk about my personal life too much unless it's in my music but I need my family. My grandma was hit by a car last week and is in the hospital right now and hasn't woken up... she has a pulse and heartbeat but in severe condition.

Please pray. I know God can do a miracle frfr and I'm only postin this cause I know i got some people on here that believe God can do anything with me. And I don't wanna lose two family members in the matter of two years so if you believe wit me I need you guys to pray she fully recovers... love y'all." 

Cole has often described as the "Christian Drake."His latest album Not By Chance blends his talents of rapping and singing as he opens up about his journey as a child growing up in with next to nothing, to landing a record deal but still struggling and dealing with the same insecurities and pressures that we all face on a regular basis.

The record was produced by Chino and Chris King along with with fellow rapper and former Capital Kings member, Cole Walowac who recently produced seven songs on NF's latest album "The Search." Together, they created a masterpiece that infuses pop, hip-hop, and soul together to tell his authentic story of growing up in poverty, working hard for your dreams, and standing tall in your faith. The album features special collaborations including Derek Minor, 1K Phew, Chastity, Evan Ford, Kaleb Mitchell, and Montell Fish.


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