FREE MUSIC: CeCe Winans "Believe for It"

CeCe Winans

Twelve-time GRAMMY winner and 23-time DOVE award-winner CeCe Winans' recent #1 single "Believe for It" is available for free. You can now download the mp3 and chord charts for FREE HERE.

The song is the title cut of Winans' latest album Believe for It which is also her first 'live' album. She admits doing a live album in the midst of a pandemic was no easy task. "I had never done a live record before, right?" she says with a laugh. "And I was like, 'God, this is the first time I do a live record and now I've got to do it in front of no people? I always tell people I sing for an audience of one, but I didn't mean like this!" 

Winans and her team were able to make it work. Since the album was recorded in the latter part of 2020, they were able to invite a small number of audience members and seat them throughout the venue.  

"It wasn't the live concert I was planning on, but we were able to do that. And we were also able to allow some of the people from our church to hear it and they were able to respond which was pretty amazing. So, if you listen to the record, you get a little bit of the live feel."



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