Third Day's Mac Powell Celebrates 25th Wedding Anniversary


Third Day's Mac Powell celebrates their 25th wedding anniversary with his wife Aimee today. During the winter of 2019, Mac almost lost his wife to brain aneurysm.Thanks to God's healing power and the care of medical experts, Aimee is well and the couple are elated to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary together. 

"Happy 25th Anniversary to the love of my life, my best friend, and amazing mama to my babies- @aimeeepowell," Mac wrote. "I love 'er! I'm so grateful to you,my love, for your love and patience w me and for being the one who helps me to see my dreams come true. You're an amazing woman, Aimee Ellis Powell, and I praise the Lord for you!" 

During November of 2019, Aimee woke up having a brain aneurysm which led to a hemorrhagic stroke. She was admitted to the hospital In November after the singer called emergency medical services for his wife who was suffering intense pain described as an unbearable headache. A CT scan found bleeding on Aimee's brain and she underwent a procedure in which doctors put two coils in her brain to help keep the aneurysm from bleeding and possibly rupturing.  

"We will never be able to express our thanks and gratitude for all your prayers and love. We know that Aimee is here because of God, His plan for her life, and because of the prayers of the Saints around the world," Powell shared then.

Today Mac lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Aimee. The couple have five kids: Birdie Clare, Scout, Emmanuel, Cash, and Camie Love.   


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