Angelo and Veronica Return to the Core of their Ministry the "Gospel" with New Album

Angelo and Veronica

Gospel and Christian music duo Angelo and Veronica are back with a brand new album Back to the Gospel. The album, which releases on July 30th, finds the couple returning to what is at the core of their ministry: the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. They have previewed their new album with the release of new re-imagined take of their hit "Knocking on Your Door (Remix)." "Knockin on Your Door", written by Angelo & Veronica, is originally from their 1992 Higher Place debut.  

"This album is about us getting back to the true gospel of Jesus Christ," the duo explained. "What we endeavored was for each song to present an aspect of the gospel. The gospel being that Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures. This is the only gospel, when received will change the hearts of men and save their souls. 

This is our most significant work yet. Because it's more than songs or music, but a presentation of the gospel with an opportunity for people to respond. We lead people into a prayer of salvation at the end of the album. Back to the Gospel album was inspired by our online ministry, Higher Place Church. We are excited see others experience true salvation and use this music to share the gospel with others."

Angelo and Veronica have written all the songs for this new album. Some of the album's highlights include "Slay the Dragon," which was inspired by a dream Veronica had about their daughter. She explained, "In the dream, I was walking with her arm in arm. All of sudden, I felt something try and come in between us. A hand was trying to push me away from her. I could not see it but could feel it pushing me away. This song is about fighting for this child!"

The song, "The Singer" features renowned bass player Jimmy Earl from Jimmy Kimmel Live show who Angelo played with in his early years of music. "I was inspired to write melody and lyrics when Angelo brought me this beautiful piece of music. It encompasses our musical influences growing up. I grew up with Latin music and Angelo has a jazz background. We both have been singing, writing and recording music together for 30 years now. This song talks about our lives as singers. And the desire to hold dear to our beliefs and keep our integrity within the world of music."

Angelo and Veronica are veterans in Christian music, their first album, Higher Place was released in August 1992 where they first collaborated with Fred Hammond.  They have won three Dove awards including the controversial Contemporary Black Gospel Song of the Year for their songwriting and performance for "God Knows". 


01- Back to the Gospel

02- The Same God (Album version)

03- Cry for Your Soul

04- The Singer

05- Knockin on Your Door (Remix)

06- Your Love Heals Me (Album version)

07- Praise You Now

08- Slay the Dragon

09- The Same God (Acoustic) [Album version]

10- Tu Amor Me Sanará

11- Back to the Gospel (prayer)

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