FREE MUSIC: Tim Timmons' "Here"

Tim Timmons

For a limited time, you can download the mp3, sheet music, and chord sheets of Tim Timmons' powerful worship anthem "Here" for FREE. Simply click here. The song helps us fix our eyes on Jesus again; to re-align our hearts to Him, and to remind us that God is here and present in all that we do. It's in His presence that we can find fullness of life!  

"Here" is the title cut from Timmon's latest album of the same name. His brand new album encapsulates the honest and beautiful journey of devotion the artist has been on. After two decades of ministry and a lifetime of looking for Jesus, Timmons is no stranger to pain, cancer, sorrow, failure, joy and hope."For most of my life," he shares, "I found myself working for God, and not with Him, which lead to my tired soul desperately searching for more." 

This concept of the walking with Jesus permeates not only Timmons' music, but his daily life - a unique viewpoint shaped by an incurable cancer diagnosis he received twenty years ago when he was given five years to live. "The gift of cancer is perspective," Timmons offers, adding that his cancer remains incurable other than the healing hand of God. "It's really the open door to speak into people's stories." His diagnosis may be the doorway for countless healthy, life-giving conversations, but Timmons has far more than a cancer diagnosis to talk about! 

His music is coloured by a newfound purpose of living each day to its fullest, as new album here 'HERE' showcases.  

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