Darin and Brooke Aldridge Offer Exclusive Insights About Working with the Oak Ridge Boys, their New Album, and More

Darin and Brooke Aldridge

Multi-award winners, Darin and Brooke Aldridge have recently released their latest album. This Life We're Livin' is now available on Billy Blue Records.Two advance singles, "Blue Baby Now" and "Once In A While," have been actively climbing radio charts, and a music video for the latter recently premiered on The Bluegrass Situation.

The duo has enjoyed several years of non-stop growth with awards, hit songs, and new opportunities to perform at an ever-broadening array of venues and events. They have collaborated with the finest artists in music, and find themselves firmly at the highest level of acoustic music.  

Darin spent 6 years as a member of the acclaimed County Gentleman and is a highly sought-after multi-instrumentalist. Brooke has been lauded for possessing one of the most powerful voices in music of any genre. She is a 4-time reigning IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year. For his teaching and mentoring, Darin was named the IBMA's Momentum Mentor of the Year in 2017.

Their albums are consistently praised by reviewers, radio personalities, their peers, and fans. That fanbase, in fact, continues to grow exponentially through their many media appearances and more than 30 guest performances within the sacred circle that is the Grand Ole Opry Stage.

We are honored to catch up with Darin and Brooke Aldridge for this exclusive interview.

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on the release of your new album, "This Life We're Living." if you have to sum up in a few sentences what is the take away message of this record, what would it be? 

Giving friends and fans a little closer look and insight into the lives of Darin and Brooke Aldridge. It tells a story through the song titles and the experiences we've had throughout our lives and musical journey so far. 

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this new album?

Co-writing more original tunes on this album than any other album we've ever released. 

Having the "Mighty Oaks" join us on a great Jimmy Fortune tune. 

Having so many incredible musicians we've loved and admired in the musical world contribute their skills and magic touches to the songs on this album. 

Having an original song on the album that talks about playing one of our very favorite stages that we once only ever dreamt of playing as kids...the Grand Ole' Opry. Listen to "Grand Ole Circle."

Q: Was it challenging writing and recording new songs during this season of the pandemic?

Not at all. We wrote more and we're inspired to let more of our creative juices flow since we had so much time on our hands from being at home. It was really awesome to collaborate and write with many of our favorite song writers during the 2020 year as well. 

Studios were struggling just as many businesses were during the pandemic. So, knowing we could help them out in some way made us happy to start planning for a new album. We're really happy we decided to record during that time because we had something to offer folks when the world did start to open up once again. 

Q: This new album, I believe, is your debut release for Billy Blue Records. How did you get to work with them? And what's it like working with them?

We've been friends with Jerry Salley for a long time. We became instant friends after we put out our first album which was an all gospel album. Jerry called us up and mentioned he loved what we were doing and he'd love the chance to produce an album for us. Turns out , he'd produce our next two albums. In 2020 when we were starting to look at other potential record labels Jerry reached out to us and said he'd love to sign us to Billy Blue. We loved working with Jerry in the past and felt God had opened this door for a Billy Blue welcomed us with open arms. It's been an awesome experience. They're great people and work hard for all of the incredible artists they serve. It feels like a big family and one we're proud to be apart of. 

Q: I love how you have included originals as well as covers. One of the covers I really love is Guy Clark's "Die Trying," why did you choose this track?

Who doesn't love Guy Clark? We're also big Jon Randall fans and he had co-written this with Guy. The words seemed so fitting and uplifting for the times we are living in. We've always set out to pick songs for our albums that uplift and encourage and this one fit that mold perfectly. Whatever you set out to do in it with all of your heart. 

Q: Talk to us about working with the Oak Ridge Boys and how they got to sing with you on "He's Gettin' Me Ready"?

We first met the Oaks on the Country Music Cruise in 2017 with Jimmy Fortune. We've always been huge fans of theirs...but after they heard us with Jimmy they became friends and fans of ours. They loved Brooke's strong and powerful voice and my guitar pickin. Since getting to know them in 2017, they've been big supporters and cheerleaders in our music. We always loved singing "He's Getting  Me Ready" during our time we were touring with Jimmy Fortune.

We needed an upbeat tune for this album and that one came to mind instantly. As we were recording "He's Getting Me Ready" we realized it needed a little extra something. That's when the Oaks came to mind. We reached out to them and they were beyond thrilled to join us. It was really special to be in the studio with all of them and see them light up when our voices blended together for the first time. They continue to cheer us on and we're proud to be able to call our musical hero's our friends. It's a great feeling to know your musical hero's are as genuine and real as you thought and hoped they'd always be. 

Q: Faith is a theme that runs right through all your albums including this album. What is the role of the Christian faith in your life and in this new album? 

We are grateful for the gift of music and know that "God" is why we have our musical talents and abilities. We were raised to appreciate those gifts and use them to uplift and encourage others in a world that's ever changing and uncertain. We feel people need to be reminded of that same love and kindness that God instilled within each of us in some way. Music and the message you can convey through a song can be life changing and if we've made people feel anything through our songs and's to love each other and be a light in a world that doesn't always seem so bright. 




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