Sheila Walsh Launches Free 7-Day Devotional

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Worship leader, author, speaker and songwriter Sheila Walsh has launched a free devotional entitled Holding on When You Want to Let Go. Click HERE to subscribe to the devotionals. In this series, Walsh  explores how she came to embrace those words at one of the darkest times of her life.

As Sheila writes, "Even though there are circumstances in life that don't make sense, I know this: God is good, God is love, God is in control. God's Word is alive and can help us make it all the way home." 

The devotionals are based on her newly released #1 bestseller book of the same name. This is the book's synopsis: "Are you struggling today? Do you look back and long for what used to be, or are you looking ahead and have no idea what's coming? Are you stuck in the middle of a mess because life has not turned out as you expected? When you run to God for answers, do you often feel like you aren't getting them--or at least aren't getting the answers you want? Are you holding on . . . but not sure how much longer you can?

In times of not knowing, Sheila Walsh offers a lifeline of hope. With great compassion born of experience and hardship, Walsh comes alongside the hurting, fearful, and exhausted to remind us that we serve a God who is so much greater than our momentary troubles, no matter how insurmountable they feel. She doesn't offer a quick fix. She offers a God fix. Sharing from her own painful struggles and digging deep into biblical stories of rescue, hope, and miracles, she gives you the strength to keep going, to keep holding on to God in a world turned upside down. The accompanying study includes 10 lessons to help individuals or groups dive deeper."

To order Walsh's book, click HERE.



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