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Jars of Clay

Members of Christian band Jars of Clay are celebrating twenty years together with the release of "20."  Instead of releasing the standard greatest hits package, the band has decided to allow fans to pick the songs out of their 10 studio albums.  And they have decided to re-record these songs acoustically, in a way that reflects who they are now.  To top it off, they have included 2 brand new songs.  Now Jars of Clay not only have released the song listing for this 2 CD set that will be released on August 19, 2014.  

In commenting about the re-recording of their older songs, Jars of Clay multi-instrumentalist Stephen Mason noticed, "There were some songs that were surprisingly hitting a really strong emotional chord in me because I had missed them the first time around."  

The two new songs include "If You Love Her"  and "Ghost in the Moon."  The former was birthed from the band's experiences working with Blood:Water Mission, the organization they founded in 2004 that has raised over $22 million dollars to help fight against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa. "Ghost in the Moon" is a hauntingly beautiful song of melancholy melodies that eloquently embodies the idea of hearing Jars of Clay like you've never heard them before.

By placing these two new songs together with the 18 other re-recorded fan favorites, Jars of Clay has managed to both continue the conversation they started 20 years ago and keep it moving forward as well. As lead singer Dan Haseltine sees it, "There is weight attached to a collection of songs that people who have spent 20 years with us have chosen. It's sacred space." 20 not only gives context to that sacred space, but it provides the perfect soundtrack to one well-deserved birthday party as well. 

Disc: 1 
1. Fade To Grey  2. Worlds Apart  3. Tea and Sympathy  4. Silence  5. No One Loves Me Like You  6. Collide  7. Jealous Kind  8. God Will Lift Up Your Head  9. Ghost In The Moon  10. If You Love Her  

Disc: 2 
1. Trouble Is  2. Something Beautiful  3. I Need Thee  4. Boys  5. Dead Man  6. Oh My God  7. Safe To Land  8. Inland  9. Love In Hard Times  10. Love Song


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