Emily Faith Talks About Going Back to Her Roots with "Rebel"

Emily Faith

Emily Faith brings her country and pop sensibilities into her new Christian EP titled Rebel. The record will be released tomorrow on Oct. 15 and it features four new songs, including the new single "All You Wanted Was Me."The EP propels Emily into the combination of country and Christian music she's been working toward for the past five years. 

"While I loved pop and it was fun, I did not want to lose my roots. That's why I wanted to bring country into the Christian music I was making and combine the two genres," Emily emphasizes, explaining the heart behind her forthcoming projects. "It's been a really awesome journey - finding the perfect mix between country and Christian. I hope it connects with people while staying true to who I am."  

Faith's entry into the Contemporary Christian space began in 2017 when she opened for the Newsboys "God's Not Dead - Rivals" tour, and shortly after, opening for FOR KING & COUNTRY when she was only 16. Once integrated into the CCM arena, she released a series of four singles, pressing into her pop inspirations.  

Openness and true connection radiate through her music and lyrics. Faith's primary purpose as an artist is to craft songs that relate to people in varying environments and circumstances. Drawing from her own personal experience with faith and culture, Faith's songs encourage listeners in their faith while bringing a sense of settled happiness.

"[My songs are] very raw, very real, connection and relationship based, and often very fun and even spontaneous," she notes. "I want to form meaningful relationships with people through music." 

Faith's passion for connection goes beyond making records overflowing into her community and personal life. She spends time engaging in leadership work through serving as the Children's Hospital Teen Board President working as an advocate for children's hospitals in Oklahoma. Faith also volunteers as a music teacher at Granville Community Music School in Oklahoma City, a music school for underprivileged communities, which intertwines her calling as a musician and Christian beautifully. 

"That is by far my greatest passion. Working with those kids and getting to share the gift of music with them has been something I've cherished for the past three years," Faith says. "As Christians, that's something we're called to do - give back to others and be leaders in our community while shining the light of Christ. It's been a great place to connect, give the children something to look forward to each week and bring some joy into their lives."



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