Melissa Bethea's "You're Coming Out" Reflects Her Triumph Over Infertility

Melissa Bethea

Melissa Bethea, who contributed vocals for JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise, releases her own solo single "You're Coming Out." The power ballad, written by Clarence Singleton and Eric Davis, reflects Bethea's own personal journal, as she struggles from infertility to the birth of her miracle child.

"This song is my personal testimony about overcoming infertility," Bethea revrals. "Five years into our marriage, my husband, Joseph, and I tried to have a baby. The first trimester there was no heartbeat. Then, it happened again, and I had a miscarriage. I said to myself, 'Lord, why can't I carry a child?' Then, God told me that He'd give me a miracle in six months. Nothing happened for six months. At the end of that six months, I finally got pregnant and eventually had my daughter, Jade, who will be three years old in November. She's, my miracle."

Bethea feels the song will resonate with others going through hard times. "There's so much going on right now with COVID-19," she says. "People need to feel encouraged about coming out on the other side of this pandemic.  Those who made it through and those who are still here, you are definitely coming out strong." Meanwhile, the talented trio is hard at work on Bethea's first full-length album. "I believe the album will be used to encourage, uplift, and inspire," she says. "So many people need hope because they've lost so much with this pandemic This is going to refresh, revive, renew, and point people to Jesus."






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