MORIAH Expands the Role of Women in CCM with "Live from the Quarry"


Former American Idol Alumni, Mexican-American Christian recording artist MŌRIAH (Smallbone) sets a new standard for women with the release of her new EP, Live from the Quarry on October 29, 2021. MORIAH has expanded the role of women in Christian music, when she wrote, produced, and performed all the three songs on her upcoming EP.

She has also choreographed the accompanying visual album (recorded live at Graystone Quarry in Nashville, TN) and hired women of diverse cultural backgrounds to work alongside her. In the past 10 years at the GMA Dove Music Awards, there has not been a single woman who has won "producer of the year." There has only been one woman who has won songwriter in the past decade (Lauren Daigle) and only two have won as "Artist of the year" (again Lauren Daigle and Francesca Battestelli). 

In Live from the Quarry, MŌRIAH explores the meaning of true peace and contentment after a betrayal by a friend, and the anger, grief and insecurities that come along with a major loss, relatable emotions for all of us after the past year with the COVID pandemic. And yet, she discovered all were necessary emotional steps on her journey to a greater sense of contentment and gratitude. It was when she learned to settle into the present moment and make peace in the tension she began to teem with authentic creativity, love, kindness and goodness. In time, she was able to work from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. 

She remembers, "I was deeply hurt by a close friend, and what started out as such sadness turned into rage. Like a lot of people, my thoughts took me to a dark place while in quarantine. In my anger, Iprayed for justice. In my heartache, I prayed to overpower. I thought if I could get answers, I would feel better. I couldn't and I didn't. The only thing that helped me feel at all was the thought that I am known,seen and loved by God even in my bitterness and my unresolved frustrations. I held on to that promise until forgiveness found me." 

This is the follow up release to MŌRIAH's sophomore album BRAVE, which hit number nine on Billboard's CCM Charts and included a collaboration with GRAMMY award-winning rapper Andy Mineo. Her film credits include the starring role in "Because of Gracia" (2017) and legendary singer Loyce Whiteman in an upcoming Ronald Reagan biopic alongside Dennis Quaid (2022). This year, MŌRIAH produced K-LOVE/AccessMore's most successful podcast called "BECOMING:us" alongside her husband. 




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