What Fans Are Saying About Kevin Quinn's "I'm Still Breathing" Video

Kevin Quinn

24 years old, Chicago-born rising star Kevin Quinn has released the video of his hopeful new single "I'm Still Breathing" which was originally released earlier this month. The moving video follows Kevin on a powerful journey of faith and introspection, illustrating the deeply relatable lyrics that emphasize life led by higher purpose.

Quinn writes, "This is a very important song to me. It's about feeling heard and acknowledged when you're completely lost and don't know who to turn to. Thank you to everyone who brought this project to life and to all of you for listening... "

Quinn's sophomore single "I'm Still Breathing" highlights the importance of faith in the midst of dark and trying times. The powerful track is a timely follow-up to his debut hit single "Wildfire," and its accompanying Spanish-language version "Fuego En Mi Interior," which received praise from PEOPLE, American Songwriter and more. While his acting roles have earned him global recognition on-screen including a recent win for "A Week Away" at the 2021 Dove Awards, Quinn's latest offering establishes him as a rising star in the music industry. With plans for more new music on the horizon, "I'm Still Breathing" builds upon the steady momentum he's already built.

The new video and song "I'm Still Breathing" have been receiving rave reviews from fans. Here are what they are saying:

"When I first heard this song, it hit me because I could truly relate. We all can feel like drowning in our worries and we feel that our life is out of control. But it's God that pulls us back up to the surface. I'm still breathing because of Jesus. Thank you Kevin Quinn for your songs and ministry, and may God bless you."

"God helps us in every battle we might have. Is amazing, this song shows how good He is!  God bless you Kevin and God bless you all!"

"So emotional and perfect song. With incredible meaning. I totally love it."

"Can I just say, I really love this song. It reminds me of How far I've come with my relationship with God and I am just so Amazed everyday about How much he hears me and truly understands and How I couldn't have ever gotten as far as I did without him in my life."

"I love this little detail on 2:20, it shows that even when Kevin wasn't on the light, it was still there, just waiting for him to come. God's love is just amazing and incomparable, and this song is a beautiful testimony. Congratulations, Kevin, your song is really beautiful and you have a great potential! Praying from Brazil."

"I keep playing this song and I can't stop crying. This song are my heaven. And we should prove to other poeple that we are worth it to live in this world too cuz it's our God decision. Keep it up with your life although that it might not enough for you but not for God cuz He always feel it is enough for us and He love us so much. Have a nice weekend and God Bless You All."  

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