Mark Barlow Releases An Album of Hymns and Soulful Love Songs

Mark Barlow

Singer and songwriter Mark Barlow has released his brand new album Hymns and Soul. The new record is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed Soul Hymns, released in early 2019 with Isla Vista Worship.

Hymns and Soul not only contains hymns, but it also includes (in Barlow's own words) "soulful lovesongs that have come out of my heart in the past year." Produced by Kevin Dailey, Ryan James Carr & Barlow, along with creative input from Noah James Rubin, the album features 12 newly recorded songs, including the lead single "Precious." 

To down or stream the album, click HERE.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Precious

2. Let's Call It Forever

3. Newness

4. Adore

5. Face to Face

6. I've Tried Everything

7. No Business

8. CVS

9. Never Get Used to It

10. You Didn't Break It

11. Waterfall

12. Tenderness

Barlow was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Charis Bible College in 2014 then God called him to California to partner with Mission Isla Vista! He's been serving in IV since 2015 and stepped into being the worship pastor in early 2017. He's passionate about building a healthy, connected worship family, equipping sons & daughters to worship, & making honest/heartfelt music that grooves the soul. 


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