"The Voice's" Jershika Maple Delivers A Powerful Performance of For King & Country's "God Only Knows"

Jershika Maple

In the November 15th episode of "The Voice," Jershika Maple brought tears to many viewers as she delivers her powerfully Gospel-charged version of  For King & Country's "God Only Knows." Though Maple did not win that night, her performance won the hearts of many viewers. The Louisiana native scored high marks from coaches - including her coach, John Legend - and television critics.

Kelly Clarkson, wiping tears from her eyes, raved, "You are such a beautiful, majestic messenger. What a perfect song, what a perfect moment, what a perfect story to tell for this moment. It was packaged so beautifully. I'm losing it. It was so beautiful, Jershika. I'm such an idiot. I should never have let go of her for my team. But I hope you come back and kick my behind." 

Jershika's current coach gave his own comments on her powerful performance. "I know how important your spiritual life is to you, and how important it was for you to use this platform to convey that," John said. "You can just tell that you have this sense of mission and that you have a message you want to share with America. You did it so beautifully. And not only that, but you can sing your butt off. It's just ridiculous." 

Jershika grew up singing in church, but her dad was in the military so her family moved around. Once she was in middle school, they finally settled down and Jershika was able to get into music. She joined every choir she could and was thrilled to have a steady group of friends, but unfortunately her family moved again halfway through her senior year. Jershika remained focused on graduating and went on to pursue her dream of music. To make ends meet, she currently works full time as a security guard and spends her nights and weekends gigging. Jershika has made a name for herself in the local gospel world but is ready to leave her day job behind and work solely on her music.




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