Hillsong Worship Offers a FREE 5-Day Devotional Based on "These Same Skies"

Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship has released a FREE 5-day devotional based on the songs on their brand new album These Same Skies. Ben Fielding, Hannah Hobbs, Chris Davenport, Aodhan King and Alexander Pappas each host a day, unpacking the heart behind one of the songs, including, "Never Walk Alone," "That's The Power," "Secret Place," "Hope Of The Ages," and "Freedom." You can start reading by clicking HERE.

Hillsong writes, "We've written a 5 day devotional journey through the scriptural foundations of our new album, "These Same Skies". We pray that this plan deepens your faith!"

Here's a sample by Chris Davenport:

"I don't know about you, but I have an innate and compulsive ability to complicate the simplest things in life. It's a gift that I'm not proud of, but I am truly, and regrettably a master of the craft. I think the simple things can raise our suspicions, because oftentimes they seem too good to be true. And if we're not careful the idolization of complexity can become the very framework of our thinking, and dangerously - that framework can find its way into our relationship with God.

You see, when I let the lens of complexity frame my relationship with God, things get out of perspective really quickly. The beautiful simplicity and sincerity of His presence is replaced by a series of hoops I have to jump through, or feelings I should feel, or standards I must attain to. 

But the longer I've followed the Lord, the more I am convinced that He doesn't dwell in the temple of complexity. He isn't looking down from an ivory tower checking our prayers against a formula. On the contrary, His open-door-presence is flung wide, ready and waiting for us to rush in with security, simplicity, and wonder. His invitation isn't to a public spectacle, it's to a secret place. He's not looking for impressive, He's just looking for authentic. He's not afraid of our questions, our anger, or our doubting. He keeps things simple - you are welcome here and you don't have anything to prove.

I'm sure I'd be mortified to know how much time I've spent trying to semantically move God's ear when He's always been more of a "God have mercy on me, a sinner" kind of guy (Luke 18:9-14). And to think that even when I have no words at all, the Holy Spirit steps in to intercede on my behalf (Romans 8:26). And if that all sounds too good to be true, then do I have some news for you - it isn't. God really is just that good. He really is that kind. His presence is your home country. You belong there.

So our prayer is that the song, "Secret Place" ministers to you, to that end. And that maybe, just maybe, it helps lead you along the path to the open doors of your loving Father and all that He has for you. As the song says, it's an open invitation, no words you have to say, if you want it, you can get there..." 

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