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American Underdog

From Kingdom Story Company and The Erwin Brothers comes the new faith-based movie American Underdog. The movie is based on the true inspirational story of Kurt and Brenda Warner. Inspired by the characters and the story og American Underdog, this FREE new 5-day devotional will highlight Biblical examples of experiences and lessons learned through Kurt and Brenda Warner's journey in life. 

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Here's a sample:

Did you know God gives you the gift of authority to proclaim blessings over others? Yes, there are keys to unlock the power of heaven in your spoken word. The words other people speak over you hold the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). In the movie, Kurt asked Brenda about her relationship with God and desired to know more about the positive words spoken over her years before by a woman at the church. 

Like Kurt, before he knew Jesus, people could see the light of God shining in believers by the way they live their lives. It's often said the gospel is more caught than taught. Kurt saw that light in Brenda and asked about her faith. She explained how important her faith was and that it was her identity. 

Brenda also shared with Kurt that the woman at church had told her she would do something special with her life. Although Brenda's life at that point didn't seem special because of the hard times she experienced as a divorced wife and single mom, she clung to the positive words of affirmation the woman had spoken over her life. Just like Jacob wrestling the angel in Genesis 32:22-31, Brenda refused to let go of God's promise, no matter how hard she struggled. Eventually, Brenda receives that foretold blessing for her life and, along with Kurt, enjoys a special life of living for God.   


Think about ways and opportunities to share Jesus Christ with other people. Even if you're not comfortable sharing or explaining Scripture, examine how others might see the light of God shining in the way you live. Meditate on the key scriptures from this discussion and pray for God to empower you to share His love through affirming encouragement with other people.  


1. Kurt recognized something different and special in Brenda because of the way she lived. Is your identity grounded in Christ? If so, does the mirror of your life reflect Jesus? Would the people closest to you agree? What do you think strangers see when they look at your life? 

2. The woman from church spoke positive and affirming words about Brenda doing something special with her life. Those words held God's promises and stayed with Brenda as hope through difficult times. Do you share words of encouragement from Scripture with others? What are positive words people have spoken over your life?




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