Sean Feucht Celebrates His 16th Wedding Anniversary Today

Sean Feucht

Missionary, artist, speaker, author, activist, and the founder of multiple worldwide movements Sean Feucht celebrates his 16th wedding anniversary with his wife Kate today. The couple have four children, Keturah, Malachi, Ezra, and Zion. 

Sean and Kate were married when they were only 22 and 20 years-old respectively. Sean reveals, "We failed our pre-marital counseling miserably. We were told we wouldn't make it past year 1 together. Man were they ever wrong! But we love beating the odds together - It's all God's grace! 16 YEARS IN Kate Ecklind Feucht and we're just getting started."

Sean writes loving to Kate, "I love you Kate with everything in me. You are the most stunning human on the planet. And you only get finer with time baby. You also have a million crowns stored up in heaven for what you endure being married to me. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!"

Burn 24-7 is a global worship and prayer movement launched out of Sean's dorm room in college, now spanning 6 continents and more than 250 cities. Light A Candle is a global missions and compassion movement bringing light, hope, healing, and tangible love to the hardest, darkest and some of the most isolated places of the earth. Hold the Line is a political activist movement seeking to rally the global church to engage in their civic duty - to vote and stand up for causes of righteousness and justice in the governmental arena. 


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