Abby Robertson Looks Forward to Performing Her New Song at WinterJam 2022

Anny Robertson

Christian singer and songwriter Abby Robertson drops a new single titled "Without Your Love." Robertson will be performing this new song at WinterJam 2022. "Without Your Love" is available now to download or stream.

Abby shares on social media, "I have no words! I'm just so excited and super pumped for you to hear this... and to play it LIVE on Winter Jam Tour!"

"Music is memory muscle," Abby explains, "so I just remembered how to sing things and then I'd remember how to actually speak and read things....That's how it all started. It was me having a struggle, me loving music and [working through] that struggle with music."  

It is Roberston's goal to always craft music that goes deeper --- music that connects us with our struggles and with God. "My goal in life is to write music that resonates with everybody," says Abby, "not just that feel-good music, which is amazing, but a lot of times I need people to go deeper with me, and I need them to be real and tell me their struggles and tell me what they've been through." 

This is what listeners will find in Abby's songs--an honest voice, unafraid of telling the truth and pointing others toward it. 

As she says, "I'm a human, and I'm going through it, and I love Jesus, and that's what gets me through." 


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