George O. Wood, Former Leader of Assemblies of God, Dies

George O. Wood

George Oliver Wood, former Assemblies of God general superintendent and interim president of Evangel University, has died on Jan 5 (Wed). He was 80. Wood had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in August last year.

"I have said so many times to the wonderful nurses and doctors here that I have two great alternatives," Wood wrote during a November stay at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. "One is to go home in Springfield and the other is to go home to heaven."

He added: "If I am not healed, it certainly is not from a lack of faith either on my part or of all the people who are praying for me."

From 2007-2017, Wood served as General Superintendent of the General Council of the Assemblies of God in the United States of America (AG) and has been Chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, the largest Pentecostal denomination in the world, since 2008. He previously served as General Secretary of the AG from 1993 to 2007. 

Dr. Paula Price, author of The Prophet's Dictionary, expresses her condolences. "George O. Wood was educated to be both a minister and a lawyer. As a pastor, he ministered to people personally. As a denominational leader, he led massive groups of people and churches corporately. I deeply admire Dr. Wood's quest for higher education, his humility to minister one on one, and his proficiency in serving a global body of believers. Scripture states, "Your care for others is the measure of your greatness" (Luke 9:48 TLB). Scripturally, George O. Wood achieved greatness. May we all aspire to do the same."

Wood authored numerous books, including Roadtrip Leadership, Living in the Spirit, A Psalm in Your Heart, Fearless, Living Fully, and The Successful Life. Many of the sermons he preached are available at








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