7 Things to Know About Brooke Ligertwood's SEVEN

Brooke Ligertwood

After six mainstream albums with Sony Music under her maiden name, Brooke Fraser, and 17 years with Hillsong Worship, which she currently heads up globally, Brooke Ligertwood is combining her two decades of experience as an artist/producer through worship music in one uncompromising project. SEVEN is an album of BRAND-NEW worship songs, written by Brooke and her husband Scott Ligertwood.  

Here are 7 things to know about SEVEN:

1. The LIVE album recording took place at the Belonging Co. in Nashville, Tennessee. 

2. The release date is February 25.

3. The first single "A Thousand Hallelujahs" is out now. "A Thousand Hallelujahs is simply and unashamedly a song of worship for the Church," said Ligertwood. "With lyrics that celebrate the origin and direction of glory, the song itself also becomes the vehicle for how to return that glory where it belongs - to Christ.  It is intrinsically, deliberately, and singularly vertical, and tantalizingly joyful. I pray it becomes of use and timely help to believers and congregations everywhere." 

4. Some of Brooke's co-writers on the project include her husband/longtime collaborator Scott, Jason Ingram (who co-produced the album with her), Pastor Steven Furtick, Brandon Lake, Phil Wickham and friends.  

5. Besides the album, Brooke is offering all kinds of related merchandise to go with SEVEN, including hoodies, baseball caps, and t-shirts.

6.  Here's the updated tracklist:

1. Ancient Gates
2. Banner
3. A Thousand Hallelujahs
4. Communion
5. Communion (Meditation)
6. Nineveh
7. Burn
8. Honey In The Rock (with Brandon Lake)
9. I Belong To Jesus (Dylan's Song)
10. King Jesus

7. Here are the lyrics of "Ancient Gates:"

[Verse 1]
There is singing at the ancient gates
There's a melody of ceaseless praise
Age to age
The sound is only growing stronger

[Verse 2]
There's a throne beneath the name of names
There is seated on it one who reigns
And his kingdom now is here
And getting closer

Praise Him like we're in the glory
Here and now, He's just as holy
Jesus, He's so worthy of it all

[Verse 3]
He exists in everlasting light
So on heaven's streets there is no night
Every tear is wiped away
We'll know no sorrow

[Verse 4]
Worship Him with joyful sound
Sing until your voice gives out
No matter where or who's around
Release your worship 








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