Bryan and Katie Torwalt's "Wouldn't It Be Like You" Testify to Why Jesus is Always Better

Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Bryan and Katie Torwalt return tomorrow with the release of their brand new single "Wouldn't It Be Like You." The song was recorded live from Tribal Nights in Atlanta, GA in Summer 2021. "Wouldn't It Be Like You" speaks about how Jesus is different and better than our thoughts and experiences. The couple were inspired by the stories of Jesus in the Bible and how he acted differently than what many expected.

The Torwalt talk about how the song came about. "We've spent a lot of hours the last couple years having conversations about how crazy it was that the religious leaders in the New Testament missed Jesus. Even for the disciples that realized He was the Messiah, they were constantly taken off guard by the way Jesus did things. From His birth, all the way thru His death and resurrection, so much of His life was ...different than they thought it would be, different even than they wanted it to be, but so much BETTER! "

The song was birthed out of a difficult time for the Torwalts. "This was the first song we wrote after seeking Jesus over this last year and a half during the pandemic. Hesitant to jump ahead to say anything at all we waited for something from God and we were given a re-introduction to Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus whose Kingdom was counter to culture in every way. The Jesus who came small to serve and simultaneously Save the world. The Jesus who came and moved so differently than was expected and anticipated, but SO MUCH BETTER."

Bryan and Katie Torwalt are artists and songwriters that have been part of the Jesus Culture Music Label and family since 2010.  They reside in Sacramento, California with their beautiful daughter Indigo, as well as their strong community of family, friends and church. They are passionate about writing songs for the church, and to give language and melody to people in their journey with God. Together, they live to see the earth transformed to Heaven's likeness and for this generation to encounter the real Jesus. 


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